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Let’s Go for a Ride

A few months ago, my dear sister and her beautiful daughter approached me about working on the website for their suddenly-exploding photography business. Trisha was about to take a giant leap of faith about her photography skills, and was taking Lindsay, and her amazing talent for photo editing, right along.

I’ve built and maintained websites for a very long time. Either by hard coding in HTML or using FrontPage to make a design more easily maintained by the site owner, I’ve been there and done that. But I’m a WordPress holdout of sorts. About a year and a half ago, I left a long-time professional position where I had the honor and privilege of supervising a team of website content managers and designers. When my employer moved from hard-coding sites and using FrontPage to a WordPress based site, I was adamant I would never learn. The confines and restrictions of such a platform were confounding. Thankfully, those on my team weren’t so anti-WordPress, and the websites were redesigned and updated on an ongoing basis.

But then Trisha sends me a message about her site. Oh, and by the way, it’s on WordPress. What do I say?

Of course.

After scratching my head, after banging my fist on the desk, after grabbing one of my trusty four-legged advisors for comfort, after bugging my husband while I bitched and moaned, and after reaching out to one of my former staff and begging help, I decided to just go fo it. And wouldn’t you know it…

WordPress and I still don’t get along.

But, we’re learning to live together.

So, I am honored, pleased, and downright relieved to present the new and improved Sweet Nora Photography website. More changes are coming in the days ahead. You’ll see testimonials from pleased clients, and behind-the-scenes images and videos of how Trisha and Lindsay make magic. Pages are changing every day, and more and more of the amazing works of art created by Sweet Nora Photography will be uploaded on an ongoing basis.

A couple of years ago, Trisha and I took my kids to a nearby almond orchard, and she did some quick shots of them. They’ve changed a great deal since then, but so has the quality, style, and general feel of Sweet Nora Photography’s images. Just like Trisha is learning and growing in her photography skills and working to learn posing and lighting, and just like Lindsay challenges herself each and every day to provide each of their clients with the best possible final images, I, too, and learning and growing.

Kicking and screaming the whole damn way.

But I’m honored to be along for the ride. Feel free to leave comments, ideas, suggestions, or tips on things that don’t seem to work on the site for you. This is a dynamic work in progress.

I want to thank Lindsay, for her willingness to IM about the site and her lack of shyness when it comes to “Auntie, it’s broken” messages. Thank you to Sarah of Pretty Web Design for her beautiful divi child theme. Thank you to Trisha for the amazingly beautiful images that necessitated the building of this site. And thank you most of all to the clients of Sweet Nora Photography. Without each of you, this would not be possible.


Leavin’ on a Jet Plane

 When Lindsay and I started this journey two and a half years ago, we went into it with full force.

Well, maybe me a little more because she was still in school and hadn’t yet taken over editing full time.

For the last two and a half years, we have spent every day learning new techniques and getting better every time we photographed a new session. That’s what passion is all about. It consumes your every fiber until there’s nothing left.

Problem is, now there really isn’t anything left for me to give.

I’m tired.

And what happens when you’re tired? You have no energy for compassion, for hearing – not listening, which is entirely different – and for being present.

We women are taught that in order to have it all, we need to be it all.

We have to eat a certain way. Carbs are bad. Gluten is bad. Dairy is bad. What about air? Is that bad, too?

We have to look a certain way. Tan that skin. Don’t let your eyebrow pencil fade off. Grow those lashes longer. Whiten those teeth. Kiss my ass. How about that?

We have to be educated. We have to go on lavish vacations and Instagram about it. We need to drive the nice car, go to fun events, and we need to be the #bossbitch so that we can use a bloody hashtag and wear a hipster shirt to prove it.

Well, that’s pretty much bullshit.

(Did I mention that when I’m tired I don’t really give a crap about sugar coating anything)

I know so many of you beautiful, amazing creatures who burn the proverbial candle at both ends. You’re fabulous. You literally have something that someone else covets, even if it’s ludicrous.

Me, for example. I’d kill to have thin legs and arms. Instead, I’ve been dealt the Irish curse.

When you’re tired, you can’t take the time to even enjoy the fruits of your labor. Every little hiccup seems more like a human earthquake. I’ve seen it in so many of you and my heart goes out to you. I’m experiencing it today.

We all need a little break from time to time. We need an opportunity to inhale and exhale and not have the five thousand things we’ve written down on a list to be nagging at us in that annoying Fran Drescher voice at 3 am.

On Wednesday we leave for our break. I’m turning my phone off. I’m not worrying about editing or consults or orders or lingerie or maternity gowns or locations. I’m letting it all go for a week.

I’m going to inhale and exhale. I’m going to find my zen and recharge and do all that other nonsense that you’re supposed to do when you’re on vacation.

Lindsay and I will spend our days at the pool and beach, sipping cocktails and letting the sounds of the waves dictate our responsibilities. When we get back, we will be ready to push forward with even more gusto.

While we are gone, I challenge you to take one minute to yourself. Stand outside. Listen for the birds. Feel the warm sun. Wait for the breeze to brush your face.

Do it once.

And then take a moment to tell yourself how amazing you are. Because you are.



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Sweet Nora Photography is a mother-daughter team where Trisha is your primary photographer, and Lindsay makes you your most amazing from behind the computer. We specialize in rustic and outdoor photography with modern styling. We love creative sessions that challenge us; if you have a dream or desire, ask us how we can help!