Prepping for your maternity session is half the work! We know that you might be experiencing a truckload of anxiety in the days that lead up to your session, so proper preparation will help to make the entire process run smoothly.

You’ll arrive at our home studio with fresh hair and fresh face. What does this mean exactly? Fresh hair means washed the same day as your session – no exceptions. You’ll want to put in whatever product you normally use for curling and have your hair dry. Fresh face means clean, moisturized face with no stitch of makeup.

As you’ve seen during your consult, we stock over 50 gowns for our clients to wear during their session. You’ll need to bring a nude strapless bra that is supportive, fits properly, and gives you the proper lift. You’ll also need to invest in a pair of nude Barely There thong underwear. These are the thin lycra based underwear with no seams. You can find them at Target, the Hanes outlet, Kohl’s, and most other major retailers.

Please shave, wax, and moisturize as you see fit. Several of our gowns are strapless, so keep this in mind when prepping. Please refrain from all tanning! We will not remove tan lines, and self tanners can leave residue on our garments.. We will not allow the session to continue should we discover that you have gotten a spray tan, as it can ruin our gowns.

We suggest that if you plan to have your nails done, you use a neutral color like mauve, pink, red, brown, or black. Hands are everywhere in maternity photography, and bright, neon colors tend to draw the eye. We also suggest you refrain from glitter, designs, and painting the ring finger a different color. Toes can be painted as well but we suggest that you follow the same

Please be sure to bring and plan to wear any jewelry that is important to you. If you are experiencing swelling and want to make sure you can still wear a wedding ring, Charming Charlie sells great stand-in bling!

Be sure to stretch before your session. We will have you arching and bending. Stretching helps to mitigate unavoidable soreness the next day.

Should you wish to have children in your images, please ensure they have napped and are fed. We suggest having them join in at the very beginning of the session or at the very end. This also applies to spouses and significant others.

Please make sure you are on time for your session, but no more than five minutes early. Tardiness will result in a shorter session, and we want to give you as much time as possible to achieve gorgeous images that will last a lifetime. As maternity sessions are outdoors, we cannot keep the sun from going down. A late arrival will cause inevitable missed shots.

If you have makeup ideas for our hair and makeup artist, please bring them. Know that if you haven’t had professional makeup done before, it will be much more intense than daytime makeup. You might look in the mirror and think she has gone overboard, but trust me – she hasn’t. Camera ready makeup is much more intense. If you don’t have any ideas on how you’d like your makeup done, simply let her perform her magic based on your wardrobe selections and your overall beauty.

We are so excited to work with you and create gorgeous, timeless artwork that represents how gorgeous you are!

Trisha and Lindsay