You’re amazing. You’re beautiful. You’re loved.

We all have those things we don’t like about ourselves. Some of the most beautiful women have walked through the doors of Sweet Nora Photography, hesitant and self-conscious, and walked out empowered. With our custom boudoir photography, you will see what everyone else sees about you – a powerful, beautiful woman. Uniquely you.

Sweet Nora Photography has all you’ll need for a sexy and sensual boudoir photography session. You’ll have full access to all our lingerie, shoes, and accessories, or bring your own. Our professional photographer and assistant will work to find the best poses to bring out your beauty, and our talented stylist will complement your setting and wardrobe with makeup and hairstyling that brings our your best features.

We can photograph your session in the comfort and privacy of our studio in Vacaville, California, or go out to some of our favorite Northern California locations. We have taken daring ladies to a local farm, to the beach, and to the mountains. Where would you like to go?

Our sessions are designed to include everything you’ll need to feel amazing. From hair and makeup, to an extensive lingerie closet, oodles of shoes, and statement necklaces, we have everything covered.

Some of our most favorite images from our beautiful boudoir clients are below. They represent a wide range of beauty. Enjoy these gorgeous ladies and images that capture a moment in time. If you are interested in learning more about boudoir offerings at Sweet Nora Photography, or booking a session, please fill out the interest form at the bottom of the page, or email us directly at

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Sweet Nora Photography is a mother-daughter team where Trisha is your primary photographer, and Lindsay makes you your most amazing from behind the computer. We specialize in rustic and outdoor photography with modern styling. We love creative sessions that challenge us; if you have a dream or desire, ask us how we can help!